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NCHRP 2017 Annual Report (2017) / Chapter Skim
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... 13 RESEARCH PRODUCTS Disseminating research and documenting success Dissemination of research findings to practitioners is a primary objective of the entire NCHRP research process. Publication of the final report or other deliverables is a key means of dissemination.
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... 14 Publications are distributed widely by TRB, with print runs for reports ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 copies. Print copies are mailed to the CEOs of state DOTs, AASHTO staff, panel members, the contractor, and the following individuals and organizations: • TRB members who have chosen to receive publications in the particular subject area of the report • About 100 libraries • TRB representatives in the state DOTs • Numerous educational institutions • Liaison representatives from industry and transportation organizations in other countries • Relevant TRB panels and committees NCHRP subprograms Several "subprograms" are carried out within NCHRP.
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... 15International Highway Research and Technology (Project 20-36) The NCHRP International Highway Research and Technology program provides a coordinated approach to international information sharing and technology exchange.
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... 16 Promoting useful results before publication NCHRP undertakes a number of activities before formal publication of the final deliverables to increase the probability that results will be applied: • Initial research proposals are required to state how the anticipated results can be used to improve practice. • Panel members who are experts in the particular problem area and have a good understanding of practitioner needs define the research problem and its objectives and keep the focus of the research on producing implementable results.
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... 17In addition, NCHRP's new Research Topic Highlights publication series features NCHRP research products for a single subject area in each issue. Two issues published in 2017 detail NCHRP practice-ready solutions in the areas of warm mix asphalt and bank erosion and bridge scour.

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