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NCHRP 2017 Annual Report (2017) / Chapter Skim
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... 18 STAFF NEWS New NCHRP Manager In late 2016, TRB was pleased to announce Lori Sundstrom as the new manager of NCHRP. In this role, she is responsible for the overall operation and oversight of NCHRP.
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... FOCUS ON: NCHRP Research Report 840 August 2017 R E A D Y R E S U L T S Next Steps to Put NCHRP Research into Practice EVALUATE Communicate with state regulatory agencies to evaluate whether the watershed approach is a viable option in your state. COLLABORATE Many agencies within a state have an interest in water quality.
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... About the Research WHAT WE LEARNED Four stormwater factors are critically important to watershed health: (1) total suspended solids; (2)
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... FOCUS ON: NCHRP Project 12-100 July 2017 R E A D Y R E S U L T S Next Steps to Put NCHRP Research into Practice REVIEW Consult the guidelines developed through this project for guidance on small-movement expansion joint (SMEJ) installation, evaluation, and repair.
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... About the Research WHAT WE LEARNED Strip seals are the most widely used type of SMEJ today, although asphalt plug joints, compression and bonded joints, pourable joints, and open joints are also common. Researchers compiled repair, maintenance, and replacement procedures for all five joint types.

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