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... 35 A major transportation network company (TNC) provided the researchers with data about trip origin and destination, aggregated by zip code tabulation area (ZCTA)
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... 36 Broadening Understanding of the Interplay Among Public Transit, Shared Mobility, and Personal Automobiles Percentage values between 0 and 2 are represented in the data by the text "insignificantly small" in the original dataset, which indicates that there was some flow during that hour, but not one for which we have any representation of a volume. This feature of the data permits a distinction between flows that are nonzero but insignificant, and flows that are nonexistent.
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... Transportation Network Company Trip Data Overview 37 on exactly where within each ZCTA the origin and destination points lie. Since we do not have access to this level of geographic information, the straight­line distance between centroids pro­ vides a readily calculated and reproducible proxy that gives a sense of the relative magnitude of distances in familiar units.

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