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Appendix C: Possible Action Items from Small Groups
Pages 111-116

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From page 112...
... To do this well, curriculum authors need David Campbell for NGSS alignment after having evaluated to ensure design capacity within their Blair Blackwell these materials independently using PEEC, team to support differentiation of their Pam Goodner AIM, EQuIP etc. and help build awareness instructional materials in ways that Cassie Soeffing among consumers about the importance of support the learning of nondominant Haidee Williams this issue.
From page 113...
... professional learning and assessment Zhenqi Sun within instructional materials. Patti Curtis Mekuria Girma Jim Short Robert Hilborn Joseph Hardcastle Jill Cowart Carolyn Landel Jeanne Sullivan Lauren Morse Channa Comer Nick Baker Doug Hodum continued Appendix C 113
From page 114...
... Margaret Strohecker Kenneth Huff Theresa Schwerin Cari Herrmann Abell Kathy Mickey Rebecca Vieyra Michael Novak Jack Hehn Cory Epler Jess Rowell 6 To build smarter demand via smarter decision To support smarter implementation: makers: Daniel Edelson Districts should engage in continuous (reporter) NSTA and/or similar organizations should improvement processes, including Jennifer Horton offer professional learning programs for co-design/adaptation, outcome Maya Garcia members of review committees.
From page 115...
... as a whole Jeff Livingston inside and outside the existing "educational Jason Morris community." Frank Niepold Matt Ellinger Sam Shaw Sharon Sikora Aimee Park Marc Siciliano 8 To build smarter demand: To build smarter supply: Diane Briars (reporter) NSTA or BOSE or Achieve (or a committee)
From page 116...
... Lauren Weisskirk Nathan Olsson Jeff Remington Bridina Lemmer Douglas Watkins Lizette Burks Dionn Brown Gilbert Brown 10 To build and maintain smarter supply: To build smarter demand and implementation: Carol O'Donnell Curriculum developers should ensure that (reporter) educative materials are research based, field PD providers should support teachers Julie Neidhardt tested, and driven by student outcomes.

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