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6 Next Steps
Pages 79-84

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From page 79...
... Some suggestions focused on improving the review process to identify high quality instructional materials consistent with the NGSS. Group 1 reporter Leon Walls stated, "An independent review organization such as EdReports, using expert and well-trained educators from states, should review publisher and OER materials and share results." Several other participants agreed but added their views that a broad coalition of stakeholders should comprise the group who con 79
From page 80...
... Neill stated, "To build smarter supply research practice partnerships should prototype and iter ate OERs aligned to NGSS curriculum." Krehbiel noted that greater levels of sup port are needed for the development of these partnerships. He stated, "Contingent on increasing smarter demand, funders should support the development of partner­ hips with researchers and districts to develop and share curriculum, lead s ing to an increase in smarter supply, and state/district leaders should build from partnerships to provide professional learning to diverse groups of stake­ olders h (e.g.
From page 81...
... Building understanding and demand is of equal importance to building supply, stated Reiser. Group 5 reporter Susan Gomez-Zweip stated, "To build smarter demand and implementation, a collaborative foundation will provide funding for a national network of regional centers that provide researched-based professional development and bring together, promote, and sustain interdisciplinary, multigrade, and three-dimensional instruction aligned with the Framework and the NGSS." Tiffany Neill stated, "To build better demand, state networks should be engaged in large-scale instructional materials Next Steps 81
From page 82...
... "To build smarter demand via smarter decision makers, NSTA [National Science Teachers Association] and/ or similar organizations should offer professional learning programs for members of review committees and states/districts should take responsibility for providing it for them," he suggested.
From page 83...
... Ensuring that students have high-quality instructional materials and teachers have strong professional learning is important to this broader goal. She lauded the strong research base that exists about science learning and instructional materials and the commitment to continual improvement.

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