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... Individuals, organizations, and governments rely on encryption to counter threats from a wide range of actors, including unsophisticated and sophisticated criminals, foreign intelligence agencies, and repressive governments. Encryption on its own does not solve the challenge of providing effective security for data and systems, but it is an important tool.
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... In addition, critics argue that mandating means for ensuring government access to plaintext may be less necessary in light of the wider availability of data -- and especially metadata -- generally, and the alternative means currently available for government officials to obtain access to encrypted data. There are a wide variety of legal and technical options available to governments that seek access to plaintext for law enforcement and intelligence investigations.
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... In addressing these questions, policymakers will have to contend with incomplete data about the impact of encryption on investigations as well as incomplete data about the deliberate use of encryption by criminals. It is also difficult to quantify key factors such as the additional security risks of adding exceptional access to encryption systems.
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... How much security is reduced and whether the resulting level of security remains acceptable depend on the specific technical and operational details of the exceptional access mechanism and on the requirements and perspectives of users. The impact on society when an investigation is hindered or thwarted will depend on the scope and scale of the associated crime or national security threat.

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