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6 International Dimensions
Pages 78-82

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... legal process or foreign requests.2 A number of countries are currently exploring a variety of regulatory approaches, with significant variation even within the European Union.3,4 There are several concurrent themes to the international dimensions of the issue. • Global availability.
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... . Any government decisions requiring exceptional access, whether in the United States or elsewhere, are also likely to have global ramifications for human rights, especially privacy, freedoms of speech and association, and the right to information (see Chapter 3)
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... Numerous studies have called for reform to enhance both the speed and process to ensure better effectiveness but the framework relies on voluntary cooperation. There are already efforts in this direction, such as those between the United States and United Kingdom.
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... To be sure, a set of principles has been promulgated, but the insight from two decades ago by another National Research Council study still remains true today -- international communications are conducted with no universally adopted information or communications privacy and security standards or policies.7 The historical experience suggests that it will be difficult to reach agreement on international norms for exceptional access. There have been a number of (to date unsuccessful)
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... In short, a global solution seems unlikely and the governments of the United States and other countries and the vendors based in or doing business in these countries will be faced with difficult trade-offs. Key questions include how the U.S.

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