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Appendix B: Mapping of Statement of Task to Report Chapters
Pages 138-141

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... B Mapping of Statement of Task to Report Chapters The report chapters and sections noted in Table B.1 address the specified tasks, but often there are other sections of the report also address aspects of the task.
From page 139...
... and Other Industry Practices Chapter 4, Gaps in US Human System Integration in the Oil and Gas Industry Task 1.2 What additional steps should be taken to improve Chapter 2, Fastener Design the development and implementation of best Chapter 2, Fastener Life Cycle practices and regulations governing fastener Chapter 3, Fastener Standards and performance for critical drill-through equipment for Specifications subsea applications? Chapter 3, Quality Assurance Options Chapter 4, Human Systems Integration and Fasteners Appendix J Task 1.3 What are the best techniques and practices Chapter 2, entire chapter to address the design, load, fatigue loading, Chapter 3, entire chapter material properties (YS, UTS, elongation, Appendix J hardness)
From page 140...
... Task 3.2 Identify options for reducing or eliminating the Chapter 2, Fastener Life Cycle identified gaps for fastener manufacture, and Chapter 5, New Fastener Designs provide valuable insight on how/if alternative Chapter 5, Coating Technologies fastener designs are capable of improving safety of offshore drilling and pipeline operations. Task 3.3 Options on the methodology for the selection for Chapter 2, Options for Improving material properties (such as hardness, yield, UTS, the Selection of Bolting Material etc.)
From page 141...
... Factors for Fastener Design Task 6 The impact of cathodic protection systems on Chapter 2, Cathodic Protection and fastener performance in a subsea environment. Hydrogen Cracking Chapter 2, Cluster Failures Task 7 Identification of the similarities and differences in Appendix H, Bolting Regulations & industry standards related to the design, material Standards specification for strength, hardness, coatings, Comparison not done -- see corrosion resistance performance in atmospheric explanation in Preface as well as subsea application conditions, cathodic protection, performance and maintenance requirements as related to fastener systems worldwide.

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