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... This assessment report has broad value, as understanding the carbon cycle is not just an academic exercise. Rather, this understanding can provide an important foundation for making a wide variety of societal decisions about land use and natural resource management, climate change mitigation strategies, urban planning, and energy production and consumption.
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... The assessment aims to address North America as a whole but the inclusion of Canada and Mexico is very uneven. The Executive Summary in the draft SOCCR2 report states that the geographic scope includes Hawaii and U.S.
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... methane sources and sinks; integrated assessment modeling research; impacts of climate change, especially of changing precipitation patterns, on carbon cycle dynamics; and Arctic coastal zones as a potentially important biogenic carbon source. Also the report Summary should more clearly frame ocean carbon dynamics as a critical part of the global carbon system, since the magnitude of the North American carbon sink is constrained by the magnitude and geographic distribution of the ocean sink Below are some additional issues that the Committee believes should be considered, although we recognize that some might be challenging to fully address in the limited time available for the SOCCR2 authors to complete their report revisions.
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... -- it would be desirable to consider an alternative organization in which social science research issues are woven throughout the report, rather than presented as a stand-alone subject. There should also be consideration of relevant economics research that provides important insights about human influences on the carbon cycle -- for instance, regarding costs as a key determinant of behavior related to energy use and resulting carbon emissions.

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