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Chapter 15: Tidal Wetlands and Estuaries
Pages 117-120

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From page 117...
... The Committee provides several ways that the chapter could be improved, including balancing the chapter with more estuarine information, including methane fluxes where possible, and expanding to include information from Hawaii, Pacific Islands, and Puerto Rico. The Committee also recommends expansion of Key Findings to reflect estuarine information and gaps in knowledge.
From page 118...
... In Table 15.1 it seems possible that Pacific Coast seagrass and tidal marsh extent have been underestimated. As this value is not well-established in the literature, we urge the authors to carefully review relevant databases to assure this is as robust an estimate as possible.9 Figure 15.2 is not consistent with the figure in the Executive Summary that indicates that Hawaii, Pacific Islands, and Puerto Rico will be considered.
From page 119...
... P604, Line 18 This should be corrected to "organic rich" not "organics rich." P612, Line 18 Key Areas should be broadened to reflect the full chapter. P641 Line 2 The map should reflect / align with Executive Summary in including Hawaii, Pacific Islands and Puerto Rico.
From page 120...
... P602, Line 30-40 Thorough treatment of CH4 here, could be expanded to other sections. P611, Line 12-39 Could an example dataset be included as a figure here to provide a time series of observational data?

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