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Chapter 16: Coastal Oceans and Continental Shelves
Pages 121-124

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From page 121...
... This chapter is in alignment with the overall goals and objectives of the report as stated in the Executive Summary and Report Preface. This chapter is generally well written and is scientifically sound.
From page 122...
... While Chapter 1 (Key Finding 2) states that global average temperature increase is found to be 0.85 degrees C, Chapter 16 avoids mentioning ocean temperature observations, despite the fact that this is the prime driver of the observable poleward migration of marine species, and the fact that oceans take up ~95% of all anthropogenic heat generated.
From page 123...
... that the biological carbon cycle is seasonal. The biological pump is much faster -- with continuous grazing the residence time of phytoplankton is two weeks or less.

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