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Chapter 17: Consequences of Rising Atmospheric CO2
Pages 125-128

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From page 125...
... However, as stated above, the Committee finds a chapter solely on CO2 consequences for ocean chemistry and terrestrial vegetation -- without considering the inevitable broader consequences of climate change, sea level rise, changes in ecosystem structure etc. -- to be not very useful for policy makers. • Does the report accurately reflect the scientific literature?
From page 126...
... Are statistical methods applied appropriately? The authors appropriately summarize and cite published analyses.
From page 127...
... been well in excess of … P697, Line 3 Add something like "Human civilization (which developed approximately X thousand years ago) during a time..." P697, Line 34 Replace "rapid rise …" with "Solution of atmospheric CO2 in sea water forms carbon acid..." P697, Line 1-5 The decrease in atmospheric oxygen confirms the combustion.
From page 128...
... 128 Review of the Draft Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2) P707, Line 1-3 Add references to Burke et al.

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