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Chapter 19: Future of the North American Carbon Cycle
Pages 135-138

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From page 135...
... Critical carbon cycle vulnerabilities and key research needs are also identified. Finally, this chapter briefly describes the future methane cycle and the improvement of model projections.
From page 136...
... Are the questions outlined in the prospectus addressed and communicated in a manner that is appropriate and accessible for the intended audience? The Introduction section provides insufficient information on why we need to project the future of the North American carbon cycle.
From page 137...
... could focus on North America, in addition to the focus on the globe in general. It would also be better to use model ensembles to specifically examine the future responses of land carbon cycle to rising atmospheric CO2 over North America.
From page 138...
... The current discussion of changing biology in the open ocean has minimal impact on carbon uptake. References such as Randerson et al.

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