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Chapter 6: Social Science Perspectives on Carbon
Pages 57-62

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From page 57...
... The goal of this chapter is not clearly stated, and appears only as a passing comment in 6.10 Conclusions: that is, to provide perspectives of social science research and analysis that "have gone beyond" much of available carbon science work that is "sector based and economically minded" -- work that is yet not sufficiently reflected in carbon cycle studies. This goal, and the exclusion of economics from the chapter's definition of social science, should be stated explicitly at the start of the text.
From page 58...
... Are there any critical areas missing from the report? Since "social science" is defined as excluding economics, large parts of the relevant literature -- that provides the background for the sociological and behavioral research (which often in the text is promoted as correcting behavioral assumptions of economic analysis)
From page 59...
... The chapter is chiefly about the nature of social science research that has relevance to the carbon cycle and the areas where the authors believe that additional research is needed. • Are the research needs identified in the report appropriate?
From page 60...
... . This focus on social science perspectives does not fit comfortably within the chapters that focus on the particular sectors and geographical regions where carbon fluxes and stocks are accounted.
From page 61...
... P258, Line 1 - P260, Line 28 The authors miss an opportunity to make the point that energy appears to be an area where markets do not function as predicted by rational economic behavior, so that much economics analysis has fallen far short of providing understanding and guidance for decision makers. P258, Line 17-19 Statement is incorrect, and ignores analysis of price elasticity P258, Line 24-28 Statement is empty unless provide alternative "labels" and explain what is meant by policy perspective and priorities.
From page 62...
... 62 Review of the Draft Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2) P265, Line 30-31 Not clear what alternative design is suggested.

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