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Chapter 8: Observations of Atmospheric CO2 and CH4
Pages 69-72

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From page 69...
... Because this is a North American carbon cycle report, it would helpful to separate the North American contribution from the total global contribution. This figure could refer to elsewhere in the chapter for partitioning of the fossil fuel source by energy type if it is presented.
From page 70...
... • What other significant improvements, if any, might be made in the document? One place for improvement would be to recognize that the status of North American trends in CH4 emissions remains somewhat controversial.
From page 71...
... Key Finding 3 is that CH4 emissions over North America are fairly constant and do not show clear evidence of trends, unlike global emissions which have been growing over the period. In the key finding statement it isn't clear how the inverse analysis results compare to reported emissions because they are given in different units (Tg CH4 vs CO2 equivalent-100yr)
From page 72...
... See comments and references regarding methane budget in Chapter 2. Line-Specific Comments P312, Line 24-25 It would be helpful to report the global emission trend and total global sink for the same period in order to address the obvious question of whether the proportion is holding constant or not.

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