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Chapter 11: Arctic and Boreal Carbon
Pages 85-90

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From page 85...
... As a result, this large carbon pool is highly vulnerable for carbon loss in a future warming climate. There are major needs to reconcile model and observations in assessing permafrost carbon balance and in understanding the importance of abrupt thaw of permafrost.
From page 86...
... reconciling model and observation difference in Artic vegetation greening and soil carbon stock change, and (2) emerging research on disturbance of permafrost soils by abrupt thaw.
From page 87...
... Indicating the long-term accumulation of permafrost carbon helps put carbon release through recent and future disturbance, especially related to abrupt thaw, into a broader context. The Committee suggests augmenting this finding with a statement such as: "This large soil carbon pool in the permafrost zone has accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years." Line-Specific Comments P413, Line 24 Change "145" to "146" to be consistent to 10% of 1460 GtC.
From page 88...
... P423, Line 2 Change to "11.4.1 Carbon Fluxes in Recent Decades"? P423, Line 15-28 May need more discussion of boreal forest in this section, to balance the focus on tundra.
From page 89...
... are represented by three different colored outer bands. P457, Figure 11.8 Change the Y-axis labels to "Area (km2)

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