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1 Introduction
Pages 8-10

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... The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has issued several reports that have evaluated the potential long-term health effects from acute exposures to specific categories of test agents, such as anticholinesterases, psychochemicals, and irritants and vesicants (NRC, 1982, 1984; IOM, 2007) , and the health status of participants in certain testing programs has been periodically evaluated (e.g., NRC, 1985; Pittman et al., 2005; Brown, 2009b)
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... Chapter 2 presents the committee's evaluation of the Report in terms of whether it appropriately identifies potential long-term health effects from exposure during testing and whether an adequate weight-ofevidence approach was used to characterize the strength of evidence for associations. Chapter 3 reviews the Army's approach to evaluating agent- and outcomespecific associations that will be used to inform decisions about applications for medical care.
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... 2009b. Military chemical warfare agent human subjects testing: Part 2 -- Long term health effects among participants of U.S.

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