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1 Introduction
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... will be partners in a PPP; however, the range of stakeholders engaged in global health partnerships includes entities such as national governments, bilateral development cooperation agencies, United Nations agen 1  Theplanning committee's role was limited to planning the workshop and the Proceedings of a Workshop was prepared by the workshop rapporteurs as a factual summary of what occurred at the workshop. Statements, recommendations, and opinions expressed are those of individual presenters and participants, and are not necessarily endorsed or verified by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and they should not be construed as reflecting any group consensus.
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... The workshop will feature invited presentations and discussions with the objective to share lessons learned, discuss best practices, and illuminate knowledge gaps within the following dimensions of partnership governance: • Partnership Formation, including what determines the need for a part nership to be initiated; how decisions are made during the formation of the partnership's focus area, intended outcomes, and size; who makes decisions during the partnership formation stage; and how decisions are made about which stakeholders are included at the formation stage • Partnership Operations, including challenges and best practices in devel­ op­ memoranda of understanding (MOUs) ; establishing common ing termi­ ology; managing conflicts of interest, particularly when engaging n private-sector companies to leverage their core competencies; establish ing decision-­ aking mechanisms that are inclusive and equitable; aligning m partnership governance mechanisms with varying internal processes and expectations of different partners; and allowing for flexibility to course cor rect as needed • Partnership Accountability, including the role of monitoring and evaluation for increased transparency and trust; and principles for defining metrics based on what different partners value • Engagement of Host Governments and Civil Society, including formal and informal mechanisms for inclusive and legitimate engagement of impacted communities throughout decision-making processes • Application of Lessons Learned from Successful Partnership Models across global health challenges The committee will develop the workshop agenda, select and invite speakers and discussants, and moderate the discussions.
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... 2  The PPP Forum was launched in late 2013 with the objective to foster a collaborative community of multisectoral health and safety leaders to leverage the strengths of multiple sectors and disciplines to yield benefits for global health and safety. PPP Forum workshops are an opportunity to share lessons learned and promising approaches and to discuss how to improve future efforts in areas of global health and safety promotion that have been prioritized by forum members.
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... The workshop was held in Washington, DC, on October 26, 2017, and included invited presentations, panel discussions, and small group discussions. This publication summarizes the workshop's presentations and discussions, and it highlights common challenges, lessons, practical strategies, and suggested ideas for improving PPP governance in global health.

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