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5 Evaluating and Reporting on PublicPrivate Partnerships in Global Health
Pages 51-56

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From page 51...
... The framework that he and Wirtz presented was developed as part of their work with the AA initiative that Danielle Rollmann described in the previous workshop session. Rockers reminded the workshop that AA had many partners involved in multiple programs taking place at the same time.
From page 52...
... The Access Observatory mentioned earlier is a public website that complements the framework and fulfills the Boston University team's transparency principle, said Rockers. It houses AA program descriptions, collected data, and the methodologies for the data collection.
From page 53...
... As an example, Wirtz said that some of the corporate partners said they use the term patient journey, and the Boston University team had to first understand what the term meant, translate it into words all partners could understand, and then find an adequate place for that concept in the framework. Turning to the two dimensions of governance -- transparency and a ­ ccountability -- that Michael Reich discussed in his opening presentation, Wirtz said the framework addresses transparency to the public regarding the scope of the program activities and the social impact of those programs through the Access Observatory.
From page 54...
... DISCUSSION John Monahan asked Wirtz and Rockers about how many people they and their colleagues had to speak with to develop the shared language and how they knew when they had succeeded in developing it. Wirtz said she could not identify exactly how many people the Boston University team spoke with, but she noted that they spoke with representatives from all 23 corporate partners, the World Bank, UICC, and the metrics groups.
From page 55...
... Wirtz replied that the Boston University team and AA have started an initiative to involve other institutions that are interested in evaluation. In fact, one of her team's aims is to be a convener for bringing together interested institutions and building evaluation capacity in the global health area in general.

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