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Appendix B: World Caf Reports on Internal Governance of Individual Partners and Impacts on Approaches to PublicPrivate Partnerships
Pages 81-84

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From page 81...
... In this short session, Jo Ivey Boufford and Kevin Etter summarized examples of some responses from individuals from the six participating groups. None of these examples should be construed as reflecting consensus by any of the small working groups.
From page 82...
... PPP = public–private partnership. SOURCE: As presented by Jo Ivey Boufford and Kevin Etter on October 26, 2017.
From page 83...
... limitations disagreement Define the end Involve local Be open to Reminder of Passion, initiative, Experience success game ownership from rethinking roles; agreed purpose; efficiency and be honest in beginning; be leave room for declare prejudices; failure transparent about innovation from understand sustainability the beginning common interests; goals/road map apply metrics to guide decision making NOTE: This table shows examples of responses from individual participants and should not be construed as reflecting group consensus. SOURCE: As presented by Jo Ivey Boufford and Kevin Etter on October 26, 2017.

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