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1 Introduction
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... . In the past decade, rapid advances in oil and gas production technologies, the proliferation of larger numbers of producing oil and gas fields, and oil and gas production from water-rich rock formations have resulted in the need to manage increasingly larger volumes of produced water.2 A common management approach for produced water is to inject the water into deep wells for permanent disposal (NRC, 2010; NASEM, 2017)
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... . The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a consensus report in 2013 that specifically addressed induced seismicity related to fluid injection for energy production (NRC, 2013)
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... Mark Zoback on the causes of earthquakes and induced earthquakes, the historical background to induced seismicity from fluid injection, the current state of understanding and occurrences of these events, and new research and collaborative approaches to manage the risk. Chapter 3 summarizes four of five panel presentations about developments in understanding induced seismicity in different regions of North America and specific research, technical, and regulatory challenges and advances related to mitigating and managing these kinds of events.3 The presentations included those of Dr.

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