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ADA Paratransit Service Models (2018) / Chapter Skim
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... 12 Project Goals As ADA paratransit demand continues to grow, transit agencies nationwide have implemented small to wholesale changes in their service models to more effectively meet present and future demand. Moreover, in the case of larger ADA paratransit systems where the use of contractors -- for service delivery as well as for call and control center functions -- is more prevalent, these changes have also brought about new and varied ways in which contractors are used and retained.
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... Introduction 13 • Contacting representatives from each service to gauge their willingness to participate in the project • Setting up the survey in SurveyMonkey and sending instructions to each of the contacts • Scheduling and conducting follow-up and clarification calls with each contact as needed • Transferring the survey data into a spreadsheet • Preparing mini-profiles of each respondent and analyzing the survey results • Preparing a draft report, which was submitted to the panel for review and later discussed with the panel • Incorporating panel feedback into this second draft. Report Organization The report is organized as follows: • Summary • Chapter 1: Introduction • Chapter 2: Literature Review • Chapter 3: Service Design Archetypes and Contracting Strategies • Chapter 4: Survey and Service Profiles • Chapter 5: Survey Analysis Summary • Chapter 6: Conclusions • References • Appendix A: Glossary of Paratransit Terms • Appendix B: List of Acronyms and Abbreviations • Appendix C: Survey Questionnaire • Appendix D: Survey Responses by Question

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