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ADA Paratransit Service Models (2018) / Chapter Skim
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Pages 135-139

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... 135 The following are key findings from the survey. Transit Agencies Performing All or Some Primary Functions Only one of the 29 respondents provided all of the dedicated service in-house.
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... 136 aDa paratransit Service Models Transit Agencies Using an Operational Broker There was only one location (in Oakland/East Bay) where an operational brokerage model is in use.
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... Conclusions 137 • In five other locations (Boston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh) , there are multiple, zoned, turnkey service provider contractors.
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... 138 aDa paratransit Service Models based on trip patterns. This also enhances competition at procurement time, as smaller pieces attract more proposers.
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... Conclusions 139 And more than twice as many transit agencies reimburse contractors separately for fuel than transit agencies that include fuel in the rate or variable rate. More than 80% of the respondents utilize performance-based incentives and/or liquidated damages.

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