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... 14 National Research Our literature search yielded a set of national and local studies that either focused on ADA paratransit service models and related contracting strategies or included these topics as part of a more comprehensive report. TCRP Synthesis 31: Paratransit Contracting and Service Delivery Models The first national research study that focused on the topic was TCRP Synthesis 31: Paratransit Contracting and Service Delivery Methods (Simon 1998)
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... Literature review 15 Innovative Practices in Paratransit Service The next national study that included discussions of paratransit system design and management/organizational structure service models was Innovative Practices in Paratransit Services (Mathias 2002)
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... 16 aDa paratransit Service Models (FTA Research 2014)
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... Literature review 17 • While 72% of the transit agencies have service performance standards, far fewer (between 8% and 19%) have specific performance-based incentives and liquidated damages that tie to various performance metrics.
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... 18 aDa paratransit Service Models Another peer review used to inform both the types of paratransit service models in existence and the particular set of transit agencies chosen for this synthesis is New York City Transit's 2015 Paratransit Peer Report (MTA, New York City Transit, 2015) , which includes detailed information on ten of the largest ADA (and in some cases, coordinated)

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