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5 Stakeholders' and Public Comments
Pages 25-27

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... The National Academies media office also sent notifications to local news media and press about the public meeting. In addition, the study director contacted several key stakeholders via e-mail, including the Washington State Department of Ecology, the Region 10 Office of the Environmental Protection Agency, the State of Oregon Department of Energy, the Hanford Advisory Board, the Hanford Communities, the Tri-Cities Washington Economic Development Council (TRIDEC)
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...  Previously disposed legacy waste has already impacted groundwater and will continue to contrib ute to the overall site risk burden.  A commenter representing a European technology firm (Knauf Insulation)
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... People from these cultures have emphasized that a priority for them is safe access to their traditional foods. In the upcoming public meetings, the committee would like to learn more about the basis for the disparate claims on grouting technology, as well as about the basis of the views on "good as glass." The committee notes Box 8.1 in the 2011 National Research Council report Waste Forms Technology and Performance, which discusses some possible approaches to "demonstrate that an alternative waste form is as good as glass." Concerning stakeholders' acceptance of non-vitrified waste forms, the committee recognizes that an additional evaluation of the applicable regulations that would accept legal compliance would be useful.

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