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7 Securing the Future of Voting
Pages 121-124

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From page 121...
... We must foster an environment that promotes innovation in election systems technology, provides election administrators with human resource tools to increase the professionalization of the election workforce, allocates appropriate resources for the operation of elections, and better secures elections by developing auditing tools that provide assurances that ballots cast are counted and tabulated correctly and that the results of elections are accurate. We have witnessed tremendous technological advances in recent decades, but we must give careful consideration to the adoption of tech 121
From page 122...
... In systems ranging from electronic voter registration databases and electronic pollbooks to voting systems, corresponding physical records are essential for matching purposes. Furthermore, election administrators must have the capacity to conduct routine audits on their electronic systems throughout the election process.
From page 123...
... to voter authentication; • explore options for testing the usability and comprehensibility of ballot designs created within tight, pre-election timeframes; •  nderstand the effects of coercion, vote buying, theft, etc., u especially among disadvantaged groups, on voting by mail and to devise technologies for reducing this threat; • determine voter practices regarding the verification of ballot marking device–generated ballots and the likelihood of voters, both with and without disabilities, will recognize errors or omissions; • assess the potential benefits and risks of Internet voting; • evaluate end-to-end-verifiable election systems in various elec tion scenarios and assess the potential utility of such systems for Internet voting; and • address any other issues that arise concerning the integrity of U.S. elections.
From page 124...
... Representative democracy only works if all eligible citizens can participate in elections, have their ballots accurately cast, counted, and tabulated, and be confident that their ballots have been accurately cast, counted, and tabulated.

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