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... 5 ACRP Legal Research Digest 21 includes the full text of FAA/U.S. DOT administrative decisions and advisory opinions through December 2012.
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... 6 Guidebook on Understanding FAA Grant Assurance obligations 4.2 Research Results: Stakeholder Outreach The outreach efforts in Elements 1 and 2 of the research efforts listed above addressed a number of subjects, including structure of the Guidebook and information to be included. The organization and content of the Guidebook reflect this input.
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... How Was the Guidebook Developed? 7 governed investigations of formal complaints of grant assurance violations before adoption of Part 16)
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... 8 Guidebook on Understanding FAA Grant Assurance obligations Of the 33 separate opinions reviewed, 12 resulted in an unambiguous finding of no violation, 13 resulted in a definitive determination of a violation, and 8 had mixed outcomes or a determination could not be readily ascertained from the opinion. Figure ES-2 shows the distribution of these results, graphically.
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... How Was the Guidebook Developed? 9 court decisions and agency decisions to the U.S.

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