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Appendix C: People Who Provided Input to the Committee
Pages 91-94

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From page 91...
... Geological Survey Bob Joseph, U.S. Geological Survey Jack Kaye, National Aeronautics and Space Administration David Lesmes, U.S.
From page 92...
... Geological Survey, California Water Science Center Julie Zimmerman, The Nature Conservancy Webinar I: Hydrological Observations January 23, 2018 Deb Agarwal, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Dermott Diamond, Dublin City University Barbara Minsker, Southern Methodist University Webinar II: Stakeholders and Nongovernmental Organizations January 26, 2018 Carlton Haywood, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin Eric Kuhn, Colorado River District Beth McGee, Chesapeake Bay Foundation Meeting 3, Chicago, Illinois February 8–9, 2018 Amy Beussink, U.S. Geological Survey, Illinois-Iowa-Missouri Water Science Center Nate Booth, U.S.
From page 93...
... Geological Survey, Kansas Water Science Center Association of American State Geologists Meeting Participants and Questionnaire Respondents Mike Angle, Ohio Geological Survey Jonathan Arthur, Florida Geological Survey Richard Berg, Illinois State Geological Survey Karen Berry, Colorado Geological Survey Gale Blackmer, Pennsylvania Geological Survey Mitch Blake, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
From page 94...
... 94 FUTURE WATER PRIORITIES FOR THE NATION Jeremy Boak, Oklahoma Geological Survey Erin Campbell, Wyoming State Geological Survey Marjorie Gale, Vermont Geological Survey Joseph Gellici, South Carolina Geological Survey Joe Gillman, Missouri Geological Survey Jeffrey Hoffman, New Jersey Geological and Water Survey Stephen Mabee, Massachusetts Geological Survey Robert Marvinney, Maine Geological Survey Steve Masterman, Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys John Metesh, Montana Geological Survey Dave Norman, Washington Geological Survey Richard Ortt, Maryland Geological Survey John Parrish, California Geological Survey Jonathan Price, Nevada Geological Survey William Prior, Arizona Geological Survey David Spears, Virginia Geological Survey Kenneth Taylor, North Carolina Geological Survey Margaret Thomas, Connecticut Geological Survey Todd Thompson, Indiana Geological Survey Harvey Thorleifson, Minnesota Geological Survey Mike Timmons, New Mexico Geological Survey David Wunsch, Delaware Geological Survey John Yellich, Michigan Geological Survey Ronald Zurawski, Tennessee Geological Survey

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