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Appendix C: Workshop Agenda
Pages 41-46

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... • Modeling o Chris Bretherton, University of Washington 10:45 AM Break Theme 1: Science and Applications Drivers for Boundary Layer Observations 11:15 AM Panel 1.1: Weather, S2S, and climate modeling Moderated by John Cassano • Xubin Zeng, University of Arizona • Ruby Leung, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory • Ola Persson, University of Colorado 12:00 PM Discussion 41
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... 42 The Future of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Observing, Understanding, and Modeling 12:15 PM Lunch 1:15 PM Panel 1.2: Exchange/interactions between the biosphere and atmosphere Moderated by Jeannine Cavender-Bares • Ana Carnaval, City University of New York • Allison Steiner, University of Michigan • Kyle McDonald, City University of New York 2:00 PM Discussion 2:15 PM Panel 1.3: Terrestrial boundary layer science questions -- complex terrain, stable boundary layer, polar Moderated by Petra Klein • William Shaw, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory • Joe Fernando, University of Notre Dame • Tina Katopodes Chow, University of California, Berkeley 3:00 PM Discussion 3:15 PM Break 3:45 PM Panel 1.4: Marine boundary layer science questions -- air-sea exchange, variability in high wind and wave conditions, marine clouds, and aerosols Moderated by Patrick Heimbach • William Drennan, University of Miami • Simon de Szoeke, Oregon State University • Robert Wood, University of Washington 4:30 PM Discussion 4:45 PM Panel 1.5: Boundary layer modeling and parameterization Moderated by Jim Edson • Peter Sullivan, National Center for Atmospheric Research • Ralph Foster, University of Washington • David Randall, Colorado State University 5:30 PM Discussion 5:45 PM Adjourn 6:00 PM Working Dinner
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... Moderated by Everette Joseph • Don Lenschow, National Center for Atmospheric Research
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... 44 The Future of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Observing, Understanding, and Modeling • James Szykman, Environmental Protection Agency • John Horel, University of Utah 2:45 PM Discussion 3:00 PM Break 3:30 PM Panel 2.4: Surface based and airborne remote sensing Moderated by Ruben Delgado • Dave Emmitt, Simpson Weather • Bruce Albrecht, University of Miami • Phillip Chilson, University of Oklahoma 4:15 PM Discussion 4:30 PM Panel 2.5: Space-based remote sensing Moderated by Joao Teixeira • Mark Bourassa, Florida State University • Carol Anne Clayson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution • Matthew Lebsock, National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (participating remotely) 5:15 PM Discussion 5:30 PM Adjourn 6:00 PM Working Dinner Thursday, October 26 Federal Room 8:30 AM Breakfast available in the dining room 9:00 AM Review of day 2, plan for day 3 Theme 3: Bringing It All Together -- Strategies for Future Observing 9:15 AM Breakout Group Work • Breakout 3.1: Priorities for new sensor development Moderator: Jim Edson • Breakout 3.2: Priorities for new/extended platforms Moderator: Everette Joseph • Breakout 3.3: Opportunities for multi-benefit/use observing strategies Moderator: Jielun Sun
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... Appendix C 45 10:45 AM Break 11:15 AM Breakout Groups Report Back 12:15 PM Lunch 1:15 PM Wrap-Up Discussion on Key Messages 2:15 PM Closing Remarks 2:30 PM Adjourn

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