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5 Moving Forward: Potential Next Steps
Pages 41-44

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... . • Using neuroscientific evidence to help inform decisions regarding competency or the revocation of legal rights or to demonstrate vul nerability to elder fraud, raises challenging ethical questions (Shen)
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... BUILDING THE NEXT GENERATION OF TOOLS Among this next generation of tools are models that enable interpretation of the anatomical or circuit dysfunction in individuals to infer brain function, such as those discussed by Jack Gallant and Tor Wager. Calling it a formidable task to build such models, Frances Jensen, chair and professor of neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, suggested that investigators might start by using patient populations with known diagnoses or specific lesions as a way to backtrack into these systems.
From page 43...
... CONSIDERING THE LEGAL AND ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS OF USING NEUROSCIENCE TOOLS IN COURT To help judges and others in the legal system have a better sense of what should be demanded of evidence before it is admitted at trial, Joshua Sanes suggested a National Academies consensus study. He noted that CSTL previously published a consensus report on eyewitness identification, and that some recommendations of that report were subsequently adopted by the Department of Justice.
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... How should the law handle probabilistic biomarkers of a mental disorder or a neurological condition such as Alzheimer's disease? For example, should evidence of neurocircuit abnormalities be admitted in elder fraud cases to demonstrate vulnerability of the person who has allegedly been defrauded?

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