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Appendix B: Methods for Rapid Review
Pages 297-300

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... • Case series in which a comparison can be made before and after the implementation of a strategy Types of Participants: Patients, health care consumers, and health care providers, including organizations (e.g., hospitals, practices, and individual health care professionals) , without any restriction by type of health care professional, provider, setting, or purchaser.
From page 298...
... , Embase (Ovid) , and Pubmed A B C D All low- and • "health system" • "provider network" • "healthcare middle-income • "health care" • "empanelment" quality" countries as • "health care • "prior authorization" • "health care identified by the delivery" • "pay for performance" quality" World Bank • "health care • "performance-based • "quality services" financing" improvement" • "clinical audits" • "death audits" • "accreditation" • "inspection" • "licensing" • "safety standards" • "minimum quality" • "safety protocol" • "quality improvement protocol" • "clinical decision support" • "public reporting" • "shared decision making" • "provider reimbursement" • "results based financing" • "selective contracting" • "strategic contracting" • "strategic purchasing" • "purchaser strategies" NOTE: The search terms were developed based on an initial reading of the literature and feedback from the committee.
From page 299...
... Fourteen categories were identified: accreditation, conditional cash transfers, community engagement, public report, p ­ ayment reform (general) , workforce training, clinical monitoring and
From page 300...
... ARTICLES INCLUDED The flow chart depicted in Figure B-1 illustrates the articles initially identified in the literature search and each step of the exclusion process.

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