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... 59 Summary The focus of this project was to better understand how resilience is being addressed by transportation agencies in their planning, engineering, operations management, policy, and administrative actions. The information provided detailed the evolution of policies that promote highway resilience, definitions of risk and resilience and the relationship between these two concepts, and how agencies are incorporating resilience practices through project development, policy, and design.
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... 60 Resilience in Transportation Planning, Engineering, Management, Policy, and Administration Findings A review of national policies found that while resilience policies are becoming well established, there is a lack of integrating resilience into practice within transportation. With the recent requirements for risk-based asset management plans, it is possible that state DOTs have yet to fully complete those requirements and are struggling to address capturing resilience within their management approach.
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... Conclusions 61 • A lack of understanding of how resilience is related to risk assessment; • A lack of metrics to measure system resilience and the benefits expected from resilience investments; and • A lack of clear direction as to how system resilience can affect mandated transportation performance measures such as safety, infrastructure condition, and system operations and vice versa. Much of the information related to highway system resilience appears to be disjointed in that climate change, risk assessment, asset deterioration as reflected in asset management plans, operational performance, and safety performance have yet to be fully integrated to demonstrate how each affects the other.

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