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... 69 AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers AWWA American Water Works Association CalFIRE California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection CDOT Colorado Department of Transportation ClimAID Responding to Climate Change in New York State CRRO Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office DelDOT Delaware Department of Transportation DHS Department of Homeland Security DOT Department of Transportation ER Emergency relief FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency FHWA Federal Highway Administration FIRM flood insurance rate map FRO Flood recovery office GIS Geographic information systems GTC Genesee Transportation Council ITS Intelligent transportation systems LiDAR light detecting and ranging MOR Measure of resilience MPO Metropolitan planning organization NAS National Academy of Sciences NCHRP National Cooperative Highway Research Program NHPP National Highway Performance Program NHS National Highway System NIAC National Infrastructure Advisory Council NIPP National Infrastructure Protection Plan NPCC New York City Panel on Climate Change NRC National Research Council NYC New York City NYS New York State ODOT Oregon Department of Transportation PANYNJ Port Authority of New York and New Jersey PATH train system for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey RAMCAP Resilience Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Protection RP Resilience program SCOR Standing Committee on Research Abbreviations
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... 70 Resilience in Transportation Planning, Engineering, Management, Policy, and Administration SLOSH sea, lake, and overland surges from hurricanes SoVI Social Vulnerability Index TAMP Transportation asset management plans TAZ Transportation analysis zones TER Transportation Economic Resilience TOSE Technical, organizational, social, and economic TSSR Transportation System Security and Resilience TRB Transportation Research Board UN United Nations USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USGS U.S.

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