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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 143-148

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... A Workshop Agenda SUSTAINABLE DIETS, FOOD, AND NUTRITION: A WORKSHOP August 1–2, 2018 National Academy of Sciences Building, Lecture Room 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC DAY 1, AUGUST 1, 9:00 AM−4:00 PM 9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks Sylvia Rowe, Food Forum Chair, SR Strategy, LLC, Washington, DC 9:05 AM SESSION 1: What Are Sustainable Diets? Session Moderator: Fergus Clydesdale, University of Massachusetts Amherst The Dimensions of Sustainability Adam Drewnowski, University of Washington 143
From page 144...
... S Mark Rosegrant, International Food Policy ­Research Institute 20-Minute Moderated Discussion/Q&A 12:10 PM LUNCH BREAK 1:30 PM SESSION 3: Sustainability and Healthy Dietary Changes Through Policy and Program Actions Session Moderator: David Klurfeld, U.S. Department of Agriculture Health and Environmental Benefits of Dietary Changes Marco Springmann, Oxford University
From page 145...
... Schneeman, University of California, Davis (Professor Emerita) 30-Minute Moderated Discussion/Q&A 4:00 PM ADJOURN DAY 1 DAY 2, AUGUST 2, 9:15 AM–12:00 PM 9:15 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks Sylvia Rowe, Food Forum Chair, SR Strategy, LLC, Washington, DC 9:20 AM SESSION 4: Innovations in Food Production and Distribution to Reduce Environmental Footprint Session Moderator: Kate Houston, Cargill, Inc.
From page 146...
... 146 SUSTAINABLE DIETS, FOOD, AND NUTRITION Local and Regional Food Systems in Sustainable Diets Nicole Tichenor Blackstone, Tufts University Retail/Sustainability Across Supply Chain Karrie Denniston, Walmart  20-Minute Moderated Discussion/Q&A  11:00 AM Concluding Discussion Moderator: Erik Olson, Natural Resources Defense Council Panelists: • Connie Avramis, Unilever • Adam Drewnowski, University of Washington • Jessica Fanzo, Johns Hopkins University, United Nations FAO • Diego Rose, Tulane University • Marco Springmann, Oxford University • David Tilman, University of Minnesota 12:00 PM ADJOURN WORKSHOP
From page 147...
... The Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) established the Food Forum in 1993 to allow selected science and technology leaders in the food industry, top administrators in the federal government, representatives from consumer interest groups, and academicians to periodically discuss and debate food and food related issues openly and in a neutral setting.

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