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Appendix H: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 241-243

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From page 241...
... H Acronyms and Abbreviations 1D one-dimensional 2D two-dimensional 3D three-dimensional ACM Association for Computing Machinery ADC analog-to-digital converter AES Advanced Encryption Standard API application programming interface AQC adiabatic quantum computing ARC Australian Research Council AWG arbitrary waveform generator BOG binned output generation BQP bounded-error quantum polynomial time CA certificate authority CAM content addressable memory CMOS CNOT controlled-NOT CSTB Computer Science and Telecommunications Board CW continuous wave DC direct current DES data encryption standard 241
From page 242...
... 242 QUANTUM COMPUTING DOD Department of Defense DOE Department of Energy DSL domain-specific language EC European Commission ECC error correction code ECDSA elliptic curve digital signature algorithm EM electromagnetic FFT fast Fourier transform FPGA field programmable gate array GaAs gallium arsenide GCM Galois Counter Mode GDP Gross Domestic Product HOG heavy output generation IC integrated circuit IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ISA instruction set architecture iSWAP JJ Josephson junction LDPC low-density parity-check LMSS Leighton-Micali signature scheme LWE learning with errors NCWIT National Center for Women and Information Technology NISQ noisy intermediate-scale quantum NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology NP nondeterministic polynomial time NSF National Science Foundation NV nitrogen-vacancy P polynomial time PQC post-quantum cryptography QA quantum algorithms QA quantum annealing QAOA quantum approximate optimization algorithm
From page 243...
... APPENDIX H 243 QC quantum computer/quantum computing QEC quantum error correction QECC quantum error correction code QEM quantum error mitigation QFS quantum Fourier sampling QFT quantum Fourier transform QIR quantum intermediate representation QIST quantum information science and technology QKD quantum key distribution QRAM quantum random access memory qubit quantum bit R&D research and development RAM random access memory RBM randomized benchmark testing RCS random circuit sampling RF radio frequency RISC reduced instruction set computer RQL reciprocal quantum logic RSA Rivest-Shamir-Adleman cryptosystem SFQ single-flux quantum SVP shortest vector problem TLS Transport Layer Security UV ultraviolet VLSI very large scale integration VQE variational quantum eigensolver

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