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Appendix C: Glossary of Terms
Pages 191-194

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From page 191...
... and continuous variables. Bias correction – Adjusts projected raw daily global climate model (GCM)
From page 192...
... Dynamical downscaling requires running highresolution climate models on a regional subdomain, using observational data or lower-resolution climate model output as a boundary condition. Statistical downscaling is a two-step process consisting of the development of statistical relationships between local climate variables (e.g., surface air temperature and precipitation)
From page 193...
... Rule curve – Tool for water management, typically in the form of an x-y line graph showing a target storage level in a reservoir on the vertical axis and the day of the year on the horizontal axis. Shaft – In water management, a vertical opening typically used to divert water from a reservoir to a water conveyance structure.
From page 194...
... Spill – Usually an uncontrolled reservoir release, typically over a broadcrested weir or spillway, resulting from reservoir inflows that cause the reservoir elevation to exceed the elevation of the spillway. Stop shutter – Device used in water control that affects the flow of water through an aqueduct or other conveyance structure, either by blocking flow completely or by causing flow to pass over the stop shutter, thus impacting the depth of water in an open channel conduit.

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