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NextGen for Airports: A Primer (2016) / Chapter Skim
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... 2 NextGen began in 2003 when its principles were included in the Vision 100 Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act. Its goals were to:1 1 Improve the level of safety, security, efficiency, quality, and affordability of the National Airspace System (NAS)
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... 3 5 Be scalable to accommodate and encourage substantial growth in domestic and international transportation and anticipate and accommodate continuing technology upgrades and advances; 6 Accommodate a wide range of aircraft operations, including airlines, air taxis, helicopters, general aviation, and unmanned aerial vehicles; and 7 Take into consideration, to the greatest extent practicable, design of airport approach and departure flight paths to reduce exposure of noise and emissions pollution on affected residents. The fundamental concept of NextGen is to improve performance and reduce costs by replacement of ground-based navigation and radar surveillance infrastructure with satellite-based navigation and surveillance, along with upgrades in automation and communications to improve ground control and flight operations.

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