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... 3 Background As airports strive to achieve greater levels of environmental, social, and financial sustainability, the generation of waste materials represents tangible opportunities for improvement in all three areas. The generation and disposal of waste, coupled with the demand to manufacture new items to replace those that have been discarded, have the potential to affect air quality, water quality, and other environmental resources; affect neighboring communities; and require significant financial resources.
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... 4 Airport Waste Management and Recycling Practices The scope of this synthesis is focused on the management of MSW, defined in the following list: • Everyday items that are used and discarded • Items that can be legally disposed of in a sanitary landfill • Organic, compostable material, such as food and yard/green wastes • Deplaned waste (except from international flights) • Recyclable items (for example, aluminum, steel, glass, plastics, paper, and cardboard)
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... Introduction 5 The sixth chapter features 21 case examples, describing the drivers, challenges, practices, and metrics at each of those airports. Chapter 7 assesses the collected information and highlights typical practices and those found to be effective by referenced authors or sample airports.

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