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From page 403...
... Calciner A kiln where calcium carbonate is heated with natural gas to produce solid calcium oxide in a direct air capture liquid solvent system. Capillary or residual Immobilization of CO2 as a result of interaction with pore gas trapping space in a geologic storage reservoir.
From page 404...
... Life cycle analysis or An assessment of all of the environmental impacts over the life cycle assessment lifetime of a product, from raw material to consumption. Listvenite Rock composed of carbonate minerals + quartz + Fe-oxides + Cr-rich oxides or silicates, produced by complete carbon ation of peridotite, in which all Mg and Ca combine with CO2 to form carbonate minerals, most Fe forms oxides, and all SiO2 forms quartz.
From page 405...
... Pyrolysis A highly oxidizer deficient or anoxic thermochemical process in which biomass is heated in the absence of air to produce liquids and gases, which may be upgraded to bio fuels or directly combusted, and solid carbon-rich biochar, which may be combusted, gasified, or distributed in soil for storage and soil amendment Pyroxene Fe-Mg silicates including orthopyroxene, with Mg-end member enstatite (En, Mg2Si2O6) , and calcium-rich pyroxene with Mg-endmember diopside (Di, CaMgSi2O6)
From page 406...
... Chrysotile and lizardite are common products of low-temperature hydration of ultramafic rocks and of olivine and pyroxene in mafic rocks. Slaker A reactor where calcium oxide reacts with water to regener ate calcium oxide for reuse in a causticizer as part of a liquid solvent direct air capture system.
From page 407...
... . Wollastonite Ca-silicate mineral CaSiO3 most commonly found where granitic intrusions reacted with limestones.

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