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1 Introduction
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... Invited presenters discussed the importance of understanding the obesity epidemic in a global context and shared perspectives on the implications of this understanding of the problem for prevention and treatment efforts in the United States, with an emphasis on reducing disparities. The workshop's full Statement of Task is in Box 1-1.2 INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Bill Purcell of Farmer Purcell White & Lassiter, PLLC, and chair of the Roundtable on Obesity Solutions, welcomed participants and provided a brief overview of the roundtable.
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... Through meetings, public workshops, background papers, and ad hoc convening activities, it fosters an ongoing dialogue about critical and emerging issues in obesity prevention and treatment, he continued. He explained further that the roundtable also provides a trusted venue for inspiring, developing, and examining multisector collaborations as well as policy, environmental, and behavioral initiatives designed to increase physical activity, reduce sedentary behavior, and improve the healthfulness of foods and beverages, with the goal of reducing the prevalence and adverse consequences of obesity and its related health disparities.
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... Chapter 2 ­ explores global trends in obesity and examines its collective prevalence, costs, and drivers around the world, including country and regional differences. Chapter 3 highlights global efforts to identify, promote, and monitor policy and systems initiatives related to obesity prevention and control.

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