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... NCHRP Web-Only Document 253, Vol. 1: Legal Landscape 117 Acronyms, Definitions, and Assumptions Acronyms AAMVA American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators AB Asssembly Bill ADA Americans with Disabilities Act ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems AEB Automatic Emergency Braking AHS Advanced Cruise-Assist Highway System AI Artificial Intelligence AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials ATCF Autonomous Technology Certification Facility Auto-ISAC Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center AV Automated Vehicles BSM Basic Safety Messages Caltrans California Department of Transportation CIS CSC Center for Internet Security's Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense CV Connected Vehicles DATP Driver Assistive Truck Platooning DMV Department of Motor Vehicles DPPA Driver's Privacy Protection Act DSRC Dedicated Short Range Communications ECU Engine Control Unit EDR Event Data Recorder ESP Electronic Stability Program EU European Union FAST Act Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (P.L.
From page 118...
... NCHRP Web-Only Document 253, Vol. 1: Legal Landscape 118 HAV Highly Automated Vehicles; SAE Level 3 and above HB House Bill ISO International Organization for Standardization ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems JCSTI Japanese Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation LAEDC e4 Los Angeles Country Development Corporation's e4 Mobility Alliance MAP-21 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (P.L.
From page 119...
... NCHRP Web-Only Document 253, Vol. 1: Legal Landscape 119 USDOT U.S.
From page 120...
... NCHRP Web-Only Document 253, Vol. 1: Legal Landscape 120 to the eventual deployment of C/ADS because they overcome the many barriers currently posed by the assumption that a human driver will be in control of a vehicle; this underpins most current vehicle codes.
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... NCHRP Web-Only Document 253, Vol. 1: Legal Landscape 121 being offered for sale or for commercial mobility operations.
From page 122...
... NCHRP Web-Only Document 253, Vol. 1: Legal Landscape 122 This timeline is provided to help state policymakers recognize that the time frame for passenger level 4–5 ADS-equipped vehicles operating in unconstrained environments is likely to be longer, but also that C/ADS-equipped vehicle deployment is unlikely to be linear.

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