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... 5.1 5. CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTED RESEARCH 5.1 Conclusions and Applicability of Results 5.1.1 Conclusions 1, This research has resulted in a synthesis of the state of the practice for installing filter systems underwater for bridge scour and other erosion control countermeasures.
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... 5.2 8. In summary, the current state of practice for filter installation provides a sufficient variety of filter material types and placement techniques to accommodate most underwater filter requirements including riverine as well as coastal and offshore applications.
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... 5.3 We therefore suggest that state highway agencies/DOTs be solicited for participation in fieldscale demonstration projects using various materials and methods described in this report. For example, potential volunteer project sites could be identified via outreach by the FHWA Resource Centers, FHWA Federal Land Highway Divisions, and the AASHTO Task Committee on Hydrology and Hydraulics.

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