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... 1.1 1. INTRODUCTION AND RESEARCH APPROACH 1.1 Scope and Research Objectives 1.1.1 Background The importance of the filter component of a countermeasure for stream instability or bridge scour installation should not be underestimated.
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... 1.2 1.2 Research Approach During Phase I of this research a review of the technical literature was combined with a survey of practitioners to produce a detailed synthesis of the current state of practice. Phase II included development of selection criteria for granular and geotextile filters in relation to requirements and constraints for underwater placement.
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... 1.3 of Civil Engineers (ASCE) , International Association of Hydrological Sciences, United States Geological Survey, Geological Society of America, America Geophysical Union, and the Institute of Civil Engineers in the United Kingdom.
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... 1.4 The survey was prepared in consultation with the NCHRP Panel. Concurrently, a mailing list was developed which included all state DOT hydraulic engineers and FHWA Resource Center and Division/District engineers.
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... 1.5 PHASE II 1.3.5 Task 5 - Develop Selection Criteria Selection criteria were developed for granular, geotextile, and geocomposite filter systems considering the relative advantages and limitations of various approaches to underwater installation, including equipment type and capability. Site hydraulic, geotechnical, and geomorphic conditions were considered, as will site restrictions, extreme conditions, and sitespecific permitting and environmental issues.
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... 1.6 For this task standard test methods were also reviewed (where available) or developed for underwater placement of the various types of filter materials.

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