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... 2 1.1 Your Guide to Innovation This guide provides practical pointers for transportation agencies that want to build a thriving innovation ethos over the long term -- one that can withstand the regular changes in leader­ ship and management styles that occur in many DOTs. It provides tactics that encourage DOT employees to remain inspired and empowered to innovate.
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... Your Guide to Innovation -- Introduction 3 levels of the organization. It starts at the top with the CEO, but also actively engages career managers and "champions" at all levels of responsibility who have a passion for innovation and can lead their peers or subordinates.
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... 4 Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation for Departments of Transportation public. Finding ways to measure the impact of innovation in terms of time and cost savings is even more effective as a motivation for sustaining a culture of innovation because it helps everyone see exactly why innovation generates positive results.
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... Your Guide to Innovation -- Introduction 5 employees and customers. The guide has been divided into the following sections that will help DOTs find content that best suits their unique needs: • Self-Assessment: This section walks DOTs through a series of questions that help them think about the status of current innovation efforts in their organiza­ tion.

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