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... 18 8.0 – GUIDE VALIDATION PURPOSE & RESULTS This validation study presents feedback from employees at DOTs who reviewed a draft version of the Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation within Departments of Transportation, which was prepared as part of NCHRP Project 20-108. The guide is a resource to help DOTs evaluate where they may be on the path to an innovative culture, and provides a springboard of ideas to help them take their organizations to the next level, no matter where they are on the path.
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... 19 Focus Group Findings The research team conducted a series of hour-long focus groups to review and discuss the guide content and usability with a diverse set of DOTs, including Massachusetts DOT (MassDOT) , Nebraska DOT (NDOT)
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... 20 WHAT WAS MOST/LEAST HELPFUL Focus group question: What section(s) stood out to you as being helpful, and which one(s)
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... 21 SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS Focus group question: If you could make one improvement to the guide, what would you suggest? Many respondents commented on the length and format of the report.
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... 22 Deciding when and where to take risks is an integral part of the innovation process. While the guide addresses this subject, a few participants felt there could be more information on this topic and that it could be presented in a slightly different way.
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... 23 Survey Design The five modules in the draft guide (Leadership, Communication, Empowerment, Recognition, Measurement) were each assessed with questions designed to measure the following concerns: 1.

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