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... 6 4.0 – CASE STUDY SURVEY SUMMARY More than 300 respondents responded to the electronic survey from July 28 to August 26. The overwhelming majority of respondents (96%)
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... 7 MODULE CONNECTION: EMPOWERMENT | Google 20% ► Employees need to feel that failure will be tolerated and that leadership will be supportive of them trying new approaches: Many respondents expressed that not all innovative ideas and approaches will ultimately pan out. Employees need to feel they will be supported regardless of the outcome if employers want them to continue to suggest and pursue new approaches.
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... 8 INNOVATION THE LAY OF THE DOT LANDSCAPE ► More than 60 percent of respondents indicated that they did not have any metrics in place to track innovation. This trend is notable because agencies need metrics or performance measures if they are going to be able to reward employees.

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