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... 9 5.0 – FLORIDA DOT CASE STUDY The following case study was submitted through the Innovation Lab website: in response to the research team's requests for examples from other states. Note: The information is presented as it was submitted.
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... 10 PHASE I: COMMUNICATION FROM THE START -- CREATING AWARENESS & UNDERSTANDING In successful change initiatives communication is what brings the change to light. The Secretary initially moved forward with his plan using sense of urgency discussions with his immediate leadership team.
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... 11 PHASE II: GAINING TRACTION Two years of Step Up at FDOT passed quickly. Ongoing Step Up dialogues and practices continued to grow with sustainable workplace actions.
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... 12 ► Power Sessions (See Fig. 1 for list of the 12 Power Session topics)
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... 13 -- identify employees who have bold and innovative ideas, implement idea campaigns, establish innovation incubators in each District and central office; and finally, redefine the statewide Innovators! Team by broadening their role and responsibility.

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