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Appendix A: Study Approach and Methods
Pages 137-140

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... COMMITTEE EXPERTISE The National Academies convened a 14-member ad hoc committee of experts in the fields of neurobiology, pharmacology, addiction medicine, psychology, social work, nursing, health policy, and epidemiology to respond to the charge by drawing on their experience and knowledge in the treatment of OUD. The committee also included individuals with lived experience, one as a patient and one as a family member of a person with OUD.
From page 138...
... Other targeted literature reviews were conducted throughout the committee's deliberations as novel issues arose and research gaps were identified. Search Parameter • Date parameters: 1940–current • Include international citations -- foreign languages Publication Types Case studies, clinical trials, cohort studies, grey literature, peer-­ eviewed r literature, randomized clinical trials, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews.
From page 139...
... , health disparities, health care disparities, medically underserved, medically underserved area (MeSH) , social determinants of health, socioeconomic factors, crisis intervention, early intervention, infrastructure, physician shortage, regulations, addiction medicine training, clinician training (physician, nurse, physician assistant)
From page 140...
... 140 MEDICATIONS FOR OPIOID USE DISORDER SAVE LIVES policy, federal/state funding, law enforcement, regulations, sentencing and ­ corrections legislation, treatment courts, clinical trials -- links to clinical trials, future opiate substitution treatment.

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