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Appendix D: Meeting Agendas
Pages 112-116

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... 9:30 Mars Sample Return Architecture Michael Meyer NASA, via WebEx 10:15 General Discussion Committee and Guests 11:00 Break 11:15 Comet Surface Sample Return concept Scott Sandford NASA Ames Research Center via WebEx 12:00 p.m. Working Lunch 1:00 OSIRIS-REx Dante Lauretta University of Arizona, Lunar Planetary Laboratory, via WebEx 112
From page 113...
... Follow-Up Discussion and Questions Jim Green NASA, via WebEx 8:30 EURO-CARES Sara Russell Natural History Museum, London, via WebEx 9:00 NSF Geosciences Instrumentation and Facilities Program David Lambert National Science Foundation Geosciences, via WebEx 9:30 MoonRise Sample Curation and Analysis Charles Shearer University of New Mexico 10:00 Break 10:30 General Discussion 12:00 p.m. Working Lunch Closed Session 1:00 Closed Committee Discussion 4:00 Meeting Adjourns
From page 114...
... Meeting Convenes with General Discussion 9:00 Technological Development & Innovation in Techniques Panel Discussion Andrew Davis, University of Chicago Rich Walker, University of Maryland, via Zoom Edward Young, UCLA Kevin McKeegan, UCLA, via Zoom Rhonda Stroud, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
From page 115...
... The Curation and Analysis of Challenging Materials: Part II Panel Discussion Michael Zolensky, NASA JSC Conel Alexander, Carnegie Institution, via Zoom John Rummel, SETI Institute, via Zoom Dionysis Foustoukos, Carnegie Institution, via Zoom Matt Schrenk, Michigan State University, via Zoom Jan Amend, University of Southern California, via Zoom 10:30 Break Closed Session 11:00 Committee-Only Discussion 3:00 p.m. Meeting Adjourns MEETING 3: APRIL 3-5, 2018 Keck Center of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Washington, DC April 3, 2018 Closed Session 9:00 a.m.
From page 116...
... Facility Strategy NASA JSC, via Zoom 3:30 Break Closed Session 4:00 – Committee-Only Discussion 5:30 6:00 Working Dinner 8:00 Meeting Adjourns for the Day April 4, 2018 Closed Session 8:30 a.m. – Committee-Only Discussion 5:30 p.m.

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