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... important consequences for sustainability, system performance, safety, equity, and goods movement. Future settlement and development patterns similarly affect future demand for infrastructure and energy, impacts on the environment, governance, and funding.
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... provide next day and even same-day delivery of goods.3 The potential benefits from increased levels of automation and service innovations include improved mobility, faster deliveries, fewer crashes, reduced congestion and emissions, and better accessibility for the disabled, elderly, young, and economically disadvantaged.4 But equally possible are congested city streets and freight corridors, and more energy consumption and emissions from ubiquitously operating vehicles, as well as a sharp divide between those with the resources to purchase these services and those without them.5 Potentially most consequential in terms of passenger service, cost, and environmental impact is the combination of shared services, automation, and electric-drive technologies.6 Creating and building on synergy among these three major changes enhances the probability of achieving the benefits previously listed. Consumer preferences and market pressures will play central roles in determining which technologies and services emerge and succeed, but public policies, if exercised, can also play a key role in encouraging and directing their commercialization for the common good.
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... operate almost continuously, and not always occupied. On the one hand, vehicle miles of travel, congestion, and emissions could potentially all be significantly reduced.
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... over whether the initiative should rely on existing digital short range communications (DSRC) technology or LTE-V2X short range communications and the forthcoming 5G direct communications evolution.

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